Fueling Voice As Biomarker of Health

Voice AI Symposium

Join us for the 2024 Voice AI Symposium

Registration is now open! Take advantage of Early Bird Rates. Spots are limited.

Join us as we build on the success of the first symposium to deliver an innovative and interactive 2-day event from May 1st-May 2nd, 2024, at the J.W. Marriott on Water Street in Tampa, FL. Attendees will learn from the latest developments in voice AI research, will engage in interesting discussions with leading field experts, will explore technology at a Health Tech fair, and will participate in networking events. Don’t miss this innovative and inclusive event.

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Poster Presentations. Health Tech Fair. Patient Challenges. Sponsorships. There are many ways to get involved!

We are seeking submissions for interested participants in our 2024 Voice AI Symposium. We are seeking applicants from diverse backgrounds including industry, health-tech, startups, scientists, patients, and patient advocacy groups.

3 Submission Categories:

1) Poster presentation abstracts: Accepting any work related to Voice artificial intelligence, or brainstorm solutions to voice AI problems

2) Call for technology: The 2024 Bridge 2AI technology fair: demonstrate strategies and products that address usability, ethical considerations, and performance of voice AI technologies

3) Call for challenges: Patients, make your voice heard! Outline a challenge or suggestion for improvement of current technology that you feel is or would impact you as a patient!

Submissions will open December 15th! Complete Symposium Registration Form to Apply.

Submit your abstract for our Poster Competition in our registration form.  Showcase your work on anything related to Voice AI or Brainstorm solutions to Voice AI problems! See Call for Science for additional details.

Topic Area 1: How will voice biomarkers help patient outcomes and access to care in the next 10 years?

Topic Area 2: What is a current technological and/or methodological barrier to implementing voice AI in clinical practice that can be reasonably overcome in the next 10 years?

Topic Area 3: How can we build trust and transparency in voice AI, ensuring that it is used in responsible and effective ways to improve health outcomes and transform healthcare?

Topic Area 4: What is the role of different groups in building trust (developers, researchers, industry, communities, implementers, etc.)?

We look forward to reading your submissions!

We are seeking essential patient and patient advocacy group representation at the 2024 Bridge 2AI Voice Symposium. This will be an opportunity for patients/consumers to impact the direction of research and technology. Register for the Symposium and apply to submit your ideas.  

Specifications and submission details:
•There is no submission fee.
•Please submit a brief description (not to exceed 1000 characters) outlining a challenge or suggestion for improvement of current technology that you feel is or would be impactful to (you) as a patient. What barriers currently exist that mitigate the use of AI technology in your life?
•Patients will present specific communication challenges that they face and describe how technology could help.
•Please clearly designate who will present at the event in your online submission

Are you a Voice AI Tech Startup, Company, or Researcher? Apply to be featured in our Voice AI Health Tech Fair at our next symposium. Startups, companies and researchers will have the opportunity to demonstrate strategies and products that address usability, ethical considerations, and performance of voice AI technologies.  Participants will have the opportunity to interact with clinicians, scientists, and patients to discuss and provide hands on interactions and feedback with their technology.

See Call for Science below for additional details.  Register for the 2024 Voice AI Symposium to complete your application. 

Symposium Accommodations

Room blocks have been created at the J.W. Marriott Water Street (which is also the venue for the symposium) and the Tampa Marriott Water Street. Availability is limited. Please click link below to take advantage of our room block.

Interested in being a Sponsor? Click Button below to view sponsorship opportunities. Contact partnerships@b2-aivoice.org for more info.

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